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Combining Personal Training, and Psychotherapy

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The new age of coaching
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How we build independence, confidence and routine, by combining PT, Nutrition & Psychotherapy.

workout plan

A bespoke program designed to fit your lifestyle & goals, for any environment and intensity of your choosing, let it be the gym, home, or outdoor activities. Unlimited updates to workouts are also included, after each coaching call, I update the workouts if necessary.

Coaching Calls

I’m here to equip you with the tools and mindset necessary for long-lasting progress. Say goodbye to diets and the expense of relying on PT’s, our work together builds the foundations and confidence for you to go it alone.

Coaching calls are 45 minutes of dedicated, one-on-one time with me, whether it’s once, twice, or four times a month. During these sessions, we tackle obstacles and you are armed with tools for continuous growth. Together in these calls, we create a harmonious balance in nutrition, exercise, and the demands of your everyday life. We dive into the depths of motivation, reshape your internal dialogue, and shift your mindset to one of unwavering confidence, empowerment, enjoyment, and clarity.

These calls serve as more than just a means of accountability—they become your refuge from the stressors that threaten to derail your progress. Once we’ve honed in on a nutrition and exercise program tailored specifically to you, we transition to a calls-only package, making it not only more affordable, but also ensuring accountability and consistent progress over time.

meal plan

As a recovered anorexic, I have a passion and love for food, so not only will you have access to my Recipe E-Book, you’ll also have access to bespoke recipes based on your lifestyle, progress, and preferences. They are easy to prepare and filled with the correct amount of nourishment so you always feel energised throughout the day.


The same as your usual PT app, you will have access to every detail about your progress through the app. Various measurements & weekly check-ins with me, using the data to optimise your meal- & workout plans in the best possible way.

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Hey, I'm Frankie.

I want to help people to feel good about themselves. For too long I suffered with Anorexia, self hate and depression.

I am passionate about building a body and life you’re proud of, and changing your life forever. No more “diets”, or cutting out food groups. And no more negative self talk!

Find Your Shine Coaching is designed to help you understand and change self-sabotage behaviours, and provide you the ethical, healthy and high quality coaching, to give you a healthy body, with the results you want.

See more about my story here.

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